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Civil construction

Other activities and services: installation of the heat distribution networks; repair works; construction of industrial facilities; construction of non-industrial facilities. We perform quality construction of all types. We guarantee the top quality of the materials and technologies used in construction.


Construction of the fourth stage of the pump station at the Karkateev Central Production Facility

Construction of the Zanazainsky Gas Processing Plant

Design capacity:

  • 2 bln. m3/year for gas;
  • 3 mln. t/year for oil stabilization;
  • 0.5 mln. t/year for oil refinery.

SU-EnergoGrupp JSC provides a full range of construction and installation operations at a high professional level, including construction project management, package job contracts, manufacture of building structures.

Construction of a chemical weapons destruction plant

Construction of the Serebryansky Cement Plant, town of Mikhailovsky

Construction of a brewery in Novosibirsk.

The modernization work scope includes construction of the effluent treatment facilities involving civil construction operations, water proofing, installation of the underground utilities, building cladding and site improvement.

Construction of the malthouse ¹3 of the brewery in Novosibirsk

Construction operations comprise enlargement of the production facilities on the malthouse territory and construction of the barley soaking, germination and drying departments.

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