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Hydraulic facilities

Bureya Hydroelectric Station is a hydraulic facility unique in size and complexity comprising a dam and six 2000 MW hydroturbine units.

The main activity of the station is generation of the electric power and its delivery to consumers.

A dammed section of the Bureya River will become a water basin (Bureya Sea) with time. This “Bureya Sea”, hundred kilometers wide, will supply the hydroturbines with head of the Bureya HES waters needed to generate energy and solve the following issues:

  • supply the electric power to the Far East regions in deficit of the electric power;
  • increase stability of the electric power supply and provide an even electric load on the United Power Grid of the East;
  • reduce delivery of the organic fuel to the region to several million tons per year;
  • create a potential for export of the electric power;
  • prevent floods in bottoms lands of Bureya and Middle Amur rivers.

Bureya Hydroelectric Station

Ust-Srednekanskaya Hydroelectric Station with a capacity of 570 MW, is constructed in 9 km from the mouth of Srednekan River falling into Kolyma River and will be the second in the cascade of the Kolyma hydroelectric station. It will cover the deficit of the electric power in the Magadan Oblast, the area of an intensive mining development.

Ust-Srednekanskaya Hydroelectric Station

Panoramic view of construction of the Cherekskaya (Aushigerskaya) Hydroelectric Station-1. Base load capacity of the hydroelectric station is 60 MW

Construction of Kamskaya Hydroelectric Station on the Kama River, Perm Krai

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