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24 July 2014

An integrated transport scheme Divnogorsk has been adopted

In the city administration an integrated transport scheme Divnogorsk has been adopted, in which the fourth motor road bridge was included. As from now, the right and left banks of the Yenisei River will stretch each other hands and bind the October and the Sverdlovsk regions by new transport route, relieving the city and the right-bank entrances to the municipal bridge.

Bryansk Company JSC "SpetsElektroMehanika" was involved in the development of bridge design, and JSC "SU-EnergoGrupp" appears as the Purchaser of the project construction.

Construction of the bridge is divided into two stages: first, the principal, will connect Yenisei banks by six-lane highway of 1.94 km length, 1,273 km of which will be the very bridge. As approaches to the new bridge two multi-level transport interchanges will emerge in the streets

Dubrovinskogo and Sverdlovskaya, they are the first road facilities of such complexity in Divnogorsk. In the second stage the left bank interchange will connect up to the north-west of the city by expressway overpass highway.

The erection of a bridge overpass across the Yenisei River begins with laying of foundation of bored piles for the piers of the bridge, the arrangement of which will continue for the first three years of construction. In 2015, construction of the main span of the bridge will begin on the piers, in the construction of which the so-called balanced assembly with the simultaneous development to both sides of the center support will be applied. Installation of the superstructure on the main pillars of the bridge will last four years and will be completed in 2018. Work on water will be provided by specially equipped river boats.

While a new bridge over the Yenisei River is built passage by passage, new road junctions to the shore will be built simultaneously.

According to the project enormous changes will take place and happen to the streets adjacent to the bridge: overhead roads of complex curved shape will distribute powerful traffic flows along the main roads of both Yenisei banks. Construction of an interchange on the left bank in the street Dubrovinskogo will start in 2015 and will come to an end along with the work on a bridge, a system of two-level junction with streets Sverdlovskaya and Sayanskaya on the right Yenisei bank will begin to be built in 2017. The length of road junctions of the first stage of the project exceeds 5 km. Engineering ensemble of the new bridge will be completed in 2019, when the right-bank junction will fuse with the  floodplain bridge overpass.


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