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09 January 2014

Balesnogorsky Hydraulic Project: Concreting of the Left Bank Dam Close to Completion

The final 530 cubic meters of concrete separate the specialists of SU-EnergoGrupp from commissioning of the concrete weir dam, the key event of the left bank stage of the Balesnogorsky Hydraulic Project on the Irtysh River. By January the total cubature of the concrete works, including the wing walls and the bridge deck, will exceed 55,100 cub.m. The dam commissioning is scheduled for early March of this year.

To guarantee work delivery in conformity with the master schedule, the operations were deployed at several sites at the same time and a number of additional measures were taken under the initiative of the Omsk union management. “To commission the left bank weir dam in a timely manner, it was decided to arrange an additional earth fill cofferdam at the tailwater. It is ready now and provides a connection between the left bank and the insular part of the hydraulic facility. Now under protection of this temporary cofferdam we start to demount the main tailwater cofferdam, - comments Dmitry Sidoreko, Deputy General Director in Charge of Construction, SU-EnergoGrupp JSC. – Until the end of January we need to demount the water drawdown system, retrieve a 2,630 t cut-off wall to inundate the pit. Besides, we need to dry-excavate 327,000 cub m of ground and backfill 211,00 cub m to construct a permanent earth bank. Now 6 subdivisions of SU-EnergoGrupp and 12 subcontractor organizations are focused on the left bank dam only. The hydraulic facility construction site operates 24 h a day and employs 767 workers; the quantity of the construction equipment was increased by 2.5 times over the last one and a half month and comprises 150 units”.

In August the company installed 24 concrete beams of the bridge at the top of the dam overflow sections. The total weight of non-standard beams produced by the concrete products plant of the Omsk Union exceeded 1000 tons. The beams were installed with two 100 t track cranes. Today the company is placing a leveling course for subsequent waterproof coating. The 102 m bridge passage will provide traffic of the construction equipment used for repair and maintenance of the hydraulic facility.

In February the company will start installation of the instrumentation equipment, i.e. water levels, piezometers, crack meters, ground markers, on the left bank dam complex. The total of 59 instrumentation assemblies will be installed in the dam structure. By March 2014 the SU-EnergoGrupp personnel plans to complete works on installation of the lock that will be used for passage of vessels in the navigation season. “Construction of the lock is completed to 82% with placement of 18,700 cub m of concrete, - comments Dmitry Sidorenko. – The works on installation of the chamber walls reached the final, fifth, level. At the same time we are working on the upstream end of the lock, a structure that will meet the water pressure and where main and emergency gates, equipment and water distribution systems will be installed. This area has a waterway to drain and fill the lock chamber. A rail track is constructed for the emergency slide gate”. Considerable efforts were paid to arrange a site road infrastructure to provide a free access to all construction sites.

The overall length reached 9 km. Construction of the Balesnogorsky Hydraulic Facility is a part of the program of preparation to the 300th anniversary of Omsk. The Employer is the public establishment of the Omsk Oblast “The Transportation and Hydrotechnical Facilities Construction Procurement Department”. General contractor is SU-EnergoGrupp JSC.


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