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24 December 2013

Construction of Elevated Railway In Central District of Ekaterinburg

More than 50% of the abutment installation works were performed by the workers of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC at construction of the combined double-track elevated railway 638 m long in Ekaterinburg that was designed for EXPO-2020 with the city’s participation.

Construction works were divided into 3 stages. The first stage envisaged disassembly of the 18-m span structure of the Dorogomilovsky Bridge, including abutments and expansion joints. The second is dismantlement of the existing embankment. In total more than 150,000 cub m of ground are planned for removal. The elevated railway abutments are constructed at the same time with 15 of 29 already installed. Disassembly of the 320 t of girders of the Zapadny overpass and assembly of the new span steel structures were performed at the third site. “Today we have more than a half (of the works on construction) of the elevated railway completed, – comments Dmitry Sidorenko, Deputy General Director, SU-EnergoGrupp, – We proceed with installation of the 18 m bored piles for the remaining abutments. The main complexity is created by two lines of the Ekaterinburg subway running underneath the construction site. All drilling operations are agreed with the Ekaterinburg subway management to prevent damages to the running tunnels.

Today the new overpass girders about 66 m long are fully assembled. In the first half of February the builders plan to start launching the spans in the special white period possessions established by the Russian Railways”. The elevated railway construction will employ the Low Vibration Track, an innovative slab track technology. “For the first time this slab track technology will be applied at a bridge construction. Up to now this was practiced only in tunnels, - explains Dmitry Sidorenko. – Technically, this is application of special shock-absorbing rubber boots that are installed in-between the track and the concrete foundation. The Low Vibration Track system considerably reduces the vibration stress to the span structure of the elevated railway and lowers the noise level”. The new elevated railway over 600 m long will improve the city’s transportation system.

Besides construction of the elevated railway SU-EnergoGrupp JSC will work on extension of the Krasnoznamenskaya Embankment and development of the city’s road system under the constructed elevated railway. The work completion is scheduled for March 2014.


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