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24 January 2014

Hybrid Solar Station in Novosibirsk Oblast Saves Up to 250 Thousand Rubles Each Month

Speaking at a meeting at the Government of Novosibirsk Oblast Elena Pavlovskaya, General Director of SU-EnergoGrupp, told that the hybrid solar station launched in early summer at the mancamp of Zazunsky Natural Reserve saves up to 250 thousand rubles each month. However, a comprehensive feasibility study regarding usage of similar facilities in hard-to-access areas of Novosibirsk Oblast will be made in a year.

It should be noted that the first in Russia 140 KW solar-diesel power plant was constructed at the mancamp of Zazunsky Natural Reserve in the beginning of this year. Its formal opening took place in early summer. It is the largest solar power generation unit in Russia. It comprises solar modules and a diesel-generator. The latter launches automatically when solar energy is insufficient. It was expected that the mancamp would be supplied with solar energy to 30-40% with the rest provided by a diesel generator. However, the reality was beyond all expectations. The specialists observe that the DG operation time reduced to more than a half and, therefore, the amount of saved diesel fuel constitutes 50 to 60%.

“We complete a monitoring now and in a year we will have an economic feasibility of using these stations in hard-to-access areas prepared by researchers. We already have the first data and feel the economy, as a power supply and generating organization. It means in Zazunsky we save 250 thousand rubles each month”, - commented Pavlovskaya in this regard.

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