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15 January 2014

Construction of 220 kV Minisky-Kamyshin OHL With Tee-Off to Oil Pumping Station 14 Accelerated

SU-EnergoGrupp JSC accelerates construction of the 220 kV Mininsky-Kamyshin OHL, the largest grid facility in Yakutia to attain pre-term completion.

A meeting on the issues of power generation sector development chaired by Egor Borisov, President of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) attended by Elena Pavlovskaya, General Director of SU-EnergoGrup JSC, took place in the city of Yakutsk. Other participants of the meeting were Galina Danchikova, Republic Prime Minister and Pavel Marinychev, Vice Prime Minister.

SU-EnergoGrupp JSC implementing the investment project entitled “Construction of 220 kV Mininsky-Kamyshin OHL with Tee-Off to Oil Pumping Station 14” carried out its commitments related to power supply of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) oil pipeline, specifically, to energizing a substation under the oil pumping station 13. Intensive work on other line sections totaling 1.5 km in length and substations of 352 MVA of total capacity predetermined acceleration of the construction operations along the entire line.

"We plan to complete the project in advance, i.e. a year before the designed term”. Now the final phase of construction targets the II quarter 2014 and the Government of the Russian Federation instructed that we commission the line in September 2014. It is important for Yakutians and it is important for an advanced social and economic development of the region”, - said General Director.

Egor Borisov, having recognized the work SU-EnergoGrupp completed this year, offered to supplement the current project with a comprehensive design of the low-voltage distribution grid to supply power to the settlements with substations recently constructed or planned for construction nearby. This initiative will eliminate expensive diesel generation and at the same time provide a reliable power supply to consumers.

The members of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) discussing priority issues of the development of the regional power supply system reported that the design and estimate documentation for “Construction of 220 kV Kunar-Zabir OHL with 220 kV Zabir Substation (Start-up Facilities III and IV)” and its state expert assessment were completed. It was decided to include this project into the investment program of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC and determine the appropriate funding sources.

President of Yakutia also underlined a need for cooperation in developing feasibility studies for construction of two grid facilities, i.e. 220 kV Lobira-Tyoply Nekur-Pashivka-Kuya Novaya OHL and 220 kV Zatishie-Karinskoye-220/110/10 kV Kamyshin Substation OHL. Implementation of these projects will assist in development of perspective oil, gas and condensate fields and gold mining sites, will provide reliable and secure power supply to consumers, including mining facilities, will connect the isolated energetic districts of two adjacent regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Magadan Oblast.

"Keeping in mind that the company accumulated experience of constructive cooperation with the governmental authorities of Yakutia that work with us striving to harmonize federal and regional interests, we came to a mutually acceptable decision to sign a cooperation agreement”, - noticed Elena Pavlovskaya in follow-up to the meeting.

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