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Oil and gas production and transportation

3D model produced in PLANT-4D Construction site of the South Hylchuyu Central Production Facility
3D model produced in PLANT-4D A site of the Porteevo Oil Pumping Station
3D model produced in PLANT-4D A tank farm of the Protvino Oil Pumping Station

Ust-Angarsk Group of Fields with the system of outside transportation of oil and facilities of the junction points to the Gazprom trunk pipeline system.

Construction and installation operations at the Central Production Facility and the Oil Pumping Station # 1 of the Ust-Angarsk Oil Field designed to process commercial oil and pump the oil to the central pipeline.

Installed facilities include:

Central Oil Production Facility.

1. Site of processing trains 1,2,3:

  • 12000 tons of steel structures (of them 2230 t produced by VNZM);
  • 8700 m2 of “sandwich” type wall panels;
  • 6200 l.m. of pipelines;
  • 56 units of processing equipment;
  • 33 tanks for processing of production fluids from oil wells of a 1814 t capacity (the maximum weight of the tank is 197t;
  • anticorrosion protection of 63.5 thousand m of steel structures;

2.Flare system:

  • 200t of steel structures;
  • Oil pumping station ¹1;
  • Installation of the vertical steel tanks of the following capacity: 700 m3 – 1 unit; 3000 m3 – 1 unit; 5000 m3 – 1unit; 10000 m3 – 1unit.

Specific features:

  • harsh weather conditions (low temperatures, strong winds, fogs, blizzards, polar night);
  • freight delivery to the construction site in the winter period between December and April by the ice road and by ferries and helicopters in the summer.
3D model of the production facility at the field support base and the tank farm Panoramic view of the field support base and the drilling site of the well pad ¹4
Gas-turbine power station Mancamp, production facilities at the field support base, tank farm, gas-turbine power station.

Construction of the oil processing plant

Laying of a section of the Sayansk-Irkutsk Oil Pipeline.

Pumping of the oil through the trunk pipeline is performed in the “hard (pump-to-pump) mode”. Pumping under this method is performed in bypass of tanks reducing the operation costs. In addition, this maintains the system confinement principle stating that the oil, once in the system, remains there up until the moment it is charged into the tankers. This prevents contacts between oil and environment and increases environmental safety of the operations.

3D model produced in PLANT-4D

Construction of the tank farm of the Gordynskoye Oil Depot.

The tanks were constructed with a considerable seismic stability reserve (designed for the seismic hazard zone). The farm was constructed with a double protection from possible leaks; each tank was double bunded and oil leakage outside of the tank farm was prevented by construction of outside dams.

Construction and equipment of the well pad in the area of the Verkhnechonsky Oil, Gas and Condensate Field.

A flight view of the well drill under installation. Orenburg Oblast

Construction of the gas processing plant. Irkutsk Oblast

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