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A model of a 110/6 kV Main Step-Down Substation and 110 kV Transmission Line

Reconstruction of the 110/6 kV Main Step-Down Transformer Substation and operations on construction of the 110 kV Transmission Line

Reconstruction of the 330 kV Solnechnaya Substation.

Modeling of the 500 kV Trachukovskaya Substation Reconstruction of the 500 kV Trachukovskaya Substation

Construction of the 220 kV Lesnaya Substation

SU-EnergoGrupp is one of the leading Russian companies focused at implementation of the complex projects related to construction and reconstruction of the power generation facilities. Accumulated experience allows to implement large-scale projects related to construction of generation facilities, such as thermal power plants, gas turbine electric power plants, combined heat and power plants and combined cycle gas turbine units.

SU-EnergoGrupp Chief Engineer presents a progress report on the Lesnaya Substation Project. The audience comprises Sergey I. Shmatko, Minister of Energy, and Oleg M.Budargin, Management Board Chairperson and Board Member, Federal Grid Company.

Construction of the transmission line in Prozyorsky District, Leningrad Oblast

Construction of the new transmission line in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

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