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Road and railway construction

We perform capital construction of roads and railways for both existing organizations and new facilities under construction with new junctions to the railway stations owned by the Russian Railways company and for other organizations owning railways.

The Company designs railways of different categories and artificial structures throughout several years of successful operations. We will also complete railway repair in accordance with your scope of works at a quality level.

The railways are designed with the most recent software. The work completed by our designers includes document drafting and setting commissions to obtain permits for railway construction.

Construction of the Severnaya-Belozerskaya branch railway line

Construction of the bridge over the Eset River, City of Ekaterinburg

Execution of works on reconstruction, maintenance and repair section of highway M-4 "Don" section of km 1197 - km 1240 in the Krasnodar Region

Reconstruction of a section of the M-1 Moscow-Minsk Highway between kms 27 and 271

Inspection of the M-1 Moscow-Minsk Highway under reconstruction taking place nearby the military town of Krasnoznamensk. The person inspecting is Vladimir V.Chirkin, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army

Construction of the traffic intersection on the Amirkhana Avenue – Chistopolskaya crossing, City of Kazan

Construction of highway M-60 "Ussuri"

Control equipment of the automated traffic management system

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