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10 October 2014

JSC "SU-EnergoGrupp" continues to build a bridge across the Ob on Olovozavodsk alignment in Novosibirsk

   The section of the bridge crossing under construction is the integral part of the main road of continuous movement on the continuation of this highway M-51 "Baikal" from the city limits of Novosibirsk to abutment on the highway M-52 "Chuiski tract" with a bridge crossing over the Ob River in Novosibirsk.

   The construction is performed in two stages. The first stage - from Vatutin street to Bolshevitskaya street.

   According to the project of JSC "SpetsElektroMehanika" it is provided that the construction of the main line highway 5.82 km long from Vatutin street to Dybrava street with pulling out to the intersection of Kirov street and Vybornaya street.

   The stretch (length) of the first stage – 5,48 km, including the bridge over the river – 2097,5 km, transport interchanges in Vatutin street and Bolshevitskaya street with an overpass. The main highway - 6 lanes of traffic. 

   The bridge structure over the Ob river - composite spans (steel-reinforced concrete superstructures), the span length is from 40 to 105 meters. Towers (bridge piers) - 30 pcs.

   On the stocks (on the berth) 21-23 a string 23-30 288,1m long will be installed and pulled in 6 stages (total weight 1704,2 tons). And on the stocks 18-20 a string 6-19 584,6m long, a total weight of 1704,2 tons will be installed and pulled.

   Navigable span is arched. The length of the arch - 380 meters, height - 70 meters.

   The installation of superstructures of the right bank floodplain is made on two stocks within the bridge spans 18-20 and 21-23.

    As on 02.10.2014 4 drilling machines are employed in the construction of supports (towers).

   8 towers are completed - 100% (towers 18 - 24; 26) on the 18 supports the work is still going on.

  To date, 600 workers and 40 technical and engineering employees of the company JSC "SU-EnergoGrupp" are engaged (involved) in the construction.

   Simultaneously the construction of special air passages of the main power transmission line 220/35/6 kV over the Ob River is conducted. The passage length over the river – 2,05 km. The height of the transient and end (terminal) towers - from 24,5 to 95 meters. Today the experts of JSC "SU-EnergoGrupp" have completed the basic drilling and concrete works at the facility.


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