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29 December 2013

Soter Highway: Construction Completed

Specialists of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC complete construction of a 12-km section of the federal Soter Highway in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The applied innovations include up-to-date technologies based on preservation of the permafrost features and their conservation under the pavement layers. The total length of the highway is 3000 km. At present due to geographic and climatic features of the area the majority of the Soter Highway sections operate only in the winter period.

Construction of regular highways is associated with a number of difficulties because soil heterogeneity and permafrost grounds call for application of a special pavement technology. “To reduce settlement of the permafrost grounds constituting the earth subgrade the fill base is covered with dornite, a geotextile material with good draining quality. The technology also envisages a heat insulating layer of Penoplex Styrofoam panels. This material is designed to keep the earth subgrade frozen. Where necessary, the slopes were reinforced with Prudon geocells and Geosklon 3D geomats to prevent erosion and provide reliable protection from surface waters.

Construction of a 12-km section of the two-lane road on the 44 km of the Soter Highway was carried out between June 2012 and January 2014. The earthwork cubature exceeded 580 000 m3; the area of completed asphaltic concrete wearing surface exceeded 95 700 sq. m. The highway includes a 56 m bridge over the Kostere River.

The works were completed in conformity with the contract term despite harsh natural and climatic conditions of Far North, where winter air temperature may drop to - 55 C. The bridge over the Postora River is a part of the highway. The construction materials were delivered by land and water transport with multiple reloadings.

In the contract framework the builders of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC installed 72 m of span structures and a bridge deck and completed junctions with the approach fill. The total bridge length, including the approaches, is 2.99 km. The bridge was open for traffic on October 9”. At the same time SU-EnergoGrupp continues reconstruction of the second section of the highway on Km 176 of the Soter Tract intersecting the village of Staroselie. This section’s subgrade was completed to 50%. The February plan includes removal of the old and startup of the new 54 m bridge over the Katka River, which makes a part of the reconstructed section. In perspective the new highway will make the administrative center of Gorny Ulus and the nearby villages accessible for transport.


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