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15 January 2014

Construction of 220 kV Miniòsky-Kamyshin OHL With Tee-Off to Oil Pumping Station ¹14 Accelerated

SU-EnergoGrupp JSC accelerates construction of the 220 kV Mininsky-Kamyshin OHL, the largest grid facility in Yakutia to attain pre-term completion.

09 January 2014

Balesnogorsky Hydraulic Project: Concreting of the Left Bank Dam Close to Completion

The final 530 cubic meters of concrete separate the specialists of SU-EnergoGrupp from commissioning of the concrete weir dam, the key event of the left bank stage of the Balesnogorsky Hydraulic Project on the Irtysh River.

29 December 2013

Soter Highway: Construction Completed

Specialists of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC complete construction of a 12-km section of the federal Soter Highway in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

24 December 2013

Construction of Elevated Railway In Central District of Ekaterinburg

More than 50% of the abutment installation works were performed by the workers of SU-EnergoGrupp JSC at construction of the combined double-track elevated railway 638 m long in Ekaterinburg that was designed for EXPO-2020 with the city’s participation.

21 December 2013

The second “Power Generation Cup 2013” indoor soccer tournament took place on December 14

The second “Power Generation Cup 2013” indoor soccer tournament took place on December 14. Sixteen teams representing different power generation companies (Tekhsnabexport, ETM, Zarubezhebergoproekt, NORENS, SoyuzAtomStroy, OboronEnergo, TVEL, Feniks Kontakt Rus, ETR, NIKIET, Khevel, Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the North Caucasus, Gazprom Development, Inter RAO UES, TREM Engineering) met at the Lokomotiv indoor arena in Moscow.

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